Company History

Colli di Catone was established in 1974 with the aim of producing a range of high quality wines with individuality; rich in body and flavour. Antonio Pulcini took on the role of technical and commercial management, using the knowledge and experience passed on to him by generations of producers and wine merchants in his family. After several years of hard work and considerable investment in both time and money, Colli di Catone started to receive widespread recognition. Well known wine journalists and Masters of Wine wrote articles featuring Colli Di Catone’s groundbreaking wines and demand from export markets took off. Within a few years, the winery was exporting 90% of its production to 33 countries. Antonio Pulcini had been looking out for a vineyard to buy and eventually found a spot with the right combination of aspect and soil. It took him two years to persuade the owners to sell but in 1983 it became his. This was the start of an exciting new era, though it took a further two years, encouraged by two very dear friends, Mr. Renato Trestini and Mr. Nicolas Belfrage MW, before “Colle Gaio” was born. This was the first white wine to be produced entirely from Malvasia del Lazio, and it became a real talking point, both for this unique approach and for its high quality compared to the norm for the region. One notable quality of this wine is its extraordinary ability to age, gaining surprising richness and complexity over the course of several years. Today “Colle Gaio” can be found in wine shops and restaurants around the world, including vintages from 1987 to the latest releases. The commitment of the Pulcini family does not stop here: they continue to research and develop new and better wines, refusing to compromise on quality.

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